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The wealth of nations is increasingly generated through global value chains (GVCs). GVCs affect not only the – now familiar – distribution of production: firms’ research strategies are also globalising as more and more adopt “open innovation”, “offshore” high-value activities, or open operations where global expertise can be harnessed. A consequence of global value chains is that the benefits and impacts of research become more widely dispersed. The impacts of research and technological development (RTD) measures are less easily detectable and the benefits of direct (national) public financial RTD support may gravitate to other locations and markets than originally intended or desired.

The critical question for policy makers is: whether and how RTD support policies can be designed and executed in order to get the best possible (national/regional) results for the (national/regional) money invested? GLOVAL seeks to answer this question through three areas of inquiry:

  1. What kind of RTD policies will give the best results with those enterprises, research and technology organisations (RTOs), universities and others that are already deeply-rooted in Global Value Chains with an important share of their activities located in other countries?
  2. What kind of R&D policies will give the best results with enterprises, RTOs, universities, and others that mostly operate nationally and locally? How best to support these actors to get linked into global networks?
  3. What kind of R&D policies can make national/regional research environments attractive to Global Value Chains, either to locate or to tie tight linkages to national/regional operators?

The outputs from GLOVAL will offer RTD policymakers practical tools for appraising public RTD investments in cases with a significant global value chain dimension.

You are welcomed to view the Global value chains (Gloval) general presentation:

Global Value Chains (GLOVAL) presentation (1.75 MB)

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